Cultural Center Fontane-Haus, Märkisches Viertel, Berlin

Client: Bezirksamt Reinickendorf von Berlin

competition 2011

Built 1976, Architect Prof. Hasso Schreck, Fountain sculpture: Emanuel Schaffenberg, 1990

The competition called for the planning of an entrance addition for the  existing Cultural Center in the district „Märkischen Viertel“. The Center has a multi-functional Hall (1.000 seats), a Bürgeramt, a public library, a Graphothek, classrooms for the Volkshochschule, the Mensa for the adjacent Thomas-Mann-High School and a pedestal for the Fountain sculpture.

Planning: The concept was to convert the decentralized entrances of the different presently existing institutions  into a single entrance space. The result of the process was a transparent entrance building that penetrates into the existing structure. The open facade welcomes visitors with a high foyer, information desk, checkroom and café. The new building is accompanied by a 16 m high red tower, which serves for advertising events and as a landmark for the center and adjacent square. The tower is placed on the axis with the pedestrian street leading to Wilhelmsruher Damm. The floor is paved with a  wave- like design leading to the fountain at the entrance.

Project participants: landscape architect Fugmann Janotta, Statik: Ingenieurbüro Rüdiger Jockwer

Team NM: Lutz Heilmann