Trelleborg Grundschule                                    Eschengraben 40, Berlin-Pankow

Monument, Village schoolhouse 1893, Extension buildings 1910/14

Bauherr: Pankow District of Berlin - Immo-bilienservice Hochbau

Planning: Reconstruction and modernization of two buildings under fire protection measures. Development of a concept for historic preservation and extention to a 4-classes per year use as well as color scheme based on restorative features. 

History: The building Thulestr. 39 was erected 1892/93 by the mason Christian Friedrich Malingriaux as third "Gemeindeschule" for 254 girls and boys, 1910 it was extended: Thulestr. 41, excecuted by the "Baugeschäft Julius Schreiber" most probably after a design by the architect and city planer Carl Fenten. In the same year the building across courtyard at Eschengraben 40 was built by architect Wilhelm Johow, excecution by the firm Boswau and Knauer.

Project participants: Site management and cost control: Immobilienservice Hochbau and Dipl.Ing U.Schmidt, structural design: Dipl.-Ing. L. Zietz, building equipment: Uwe Dornbusch, EST Energie-System-Technik, Restauration Prospection: Ornamentum, Fireprotection experts: DBS, Fr. Sauermann

Team NM: Nora Aimée Grzywatz, Tony Alarkan, Yasser Almaamoun